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United Kingdom

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Miniaturist creating historically authentic miniatures for 18th century, Georgian, Regency and Colonial dolls house settings in 1/12th (one inch) scale. Beautiful silks and hand-printed wallpapers for 18th-century dollshouses, doll houses, baby houses. @homewithmrshgth

Hand-printed Wallpapers

The earliest wallpapers were based on textile wall hangings of various kinds; woven silks, tapestries, painted cloths, exotic velvets. The most consistent influence on wallpaper design across the centuries has remained textiles, and so it is to textiles that we have looked to source the designs for our unique Hand-printed Wallpapers.

As fashion filtered down from the wealthy through to the expanding middle class of the 18th century, wallpapers became a desirable – and less expensive – alternative to wall textiles. Pattern started to supercede paint and England became one of the world's capitals of wallpaper production.

Papers were traditionally printed by first applying a ground colour by hand before printing the designs with stencils or wood blocks using distemper pigments. For our papers we use modern, fade-resistant inks but the process of building up the colours one by one, one sheet at time, allowing the paper to dry between each colour echoes the traditional process to provide a special, hand-made product for the finest miniature interiors. We have chosen an archival quality paper with exceptional smoothness and a slightly off-white tone which does not look out of place in historical settings.

Early papers were produced as single sheets, which were later glued together to form rolls. We provide papers in standard sheets with a useable area of 53cm(l) by 31cm(h) or 20 & 7/8ths by 12 & 2/8ths inches, however for the sake of authenticity, it is suggested that the paper is cut into strips, or scored, or otherwise gently marked at the point where rolls would join and to help with this crop marks indicate suitable places for the joins.

Please ensure that you order sufficient paper for your requirements, allowing enough for matching the repeats in the design, as an exact colour-match between different batches of this hand-made product cannot be guaranteed, nor between silk and wallpaper since the print processes are different.

Many of the papers are held for immediate despatch, but if not available will usually be reprinted in about 10 days.



Alternative Colour Options for Wallpaper

Bespoke colour matching for one of the hand-printed wallpaper designs incurs a surcharge of £10 per batch of specially-printed papers, plus the regular cost for each sheet.

Why does it cost so much? The answer lies in the many processes involved in producing a paper outside of one of our standard batches: mixing inks, testing them, adjusting the ink if the test is unsuccessful, testing how colours interract, proofing before the final prints are taken, and lots of ‘washing up‘ afterwards!

Wallpapers in alternative colours cannot be ordered online, please contact us to start the process of your order.

 Walls papered in   'Fontainebleau (Crimson)'

Walls papered in 'Fontainebleau (Crimson)'

 Violet pigment is mixed into a softer shade ready for printing

Violet pigment is mixed into a softer shade ready for printing

 Printed one colour at a time and allowed to dry...

Printed one colour at a time and allowed to dry...