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Miniaturist creating historically authentic miniatures for 18th century, Georgian, Regency and Colonial dolls house settings in 1/12th (one inch) scale. Beautiful silks and hand-printed wallpapers for 18th-century dollshouses, doll houses, baby houses. @homewithmrshgth

Jacobean (Blue) – Hand-printed Wallpaper

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Jacobean (Blue) – Hand-printed Wallpaper

Jacobean Blue Wallpaper Closeup.jpg
Jacobean Blue Wallpaper Scale.jpg
Wallpaper - Jacobean.jpg
Jacobean Blue Wallpaper Closeup.jpg
Jacobean Blue Wallpaper Scale.jpg
Wallpaper - Jacobean.jpg
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Jacobean (Blue) – Hand-printed Wallpaper


Dimensions: 53cm(w) by 31cm(h)

This pattern has a strong architectural influence and is In ‘Robert Adam’ style. It dates from the very end of the 18th century, and was popular again in the late 19th century when there was a resurgence of interest in this style. It is available in four different colours as standard.

Printed using fade-resistant inks on an archival quality paper with exceptional smoothness and a slightly off-white tone which does not look out of place in historical miniature settings. 

Miniature Hand-printed Wallpaper © At Home with Mrs Hogarth Limited  

Reproduced by kind permission of Warner Textile Archive / Braintree District Museum Trust Limited

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  • Quantity : The listing is for 1 sheet of miniature wallpaper.

  • Further Dimension Information : One of the photographs contrasts the paper with a metal rule so that the size of the pattern can be appreciated, and the size (shown in both centimetres and inches) is also clearly shown on a further ‘greyscale’ image. Please pay particular attention to the ‘repeat’ dimensions as this may influence the quantities that you require.

  • Scale : This miniature is in 1/12th or one inch scale.

  • Colour Variation : The photographs were captured in natural daylight. However there may be slight variations between the photographs and the paper that are beyond our control due to the representation of colours on your screen or monitor. Whilst every effort is taken to match inks used from batch to batch, it is advisable that you ensure that you have ordered all the papers you require for particular project so they match exactly.

  • Provenance : The paper has been hand-printed, one colour at a time, by AHWMH.

  • Packaging : The wallpaper will be carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and despatched in a strong cardboard tube.

  • Additional Notes : Please note that no other items featured in the photography are provided – these are featured purely to provide context and inspiration. We would ask that you read our ‘Terms & Conditions of Sale’ and ‘Shipping’ and ‘Returns’ policies carefully before placing your order.

  • Method of Application for Hand-printed Wallpapers :

  • Your new Wallpaper will arrive rolled up. Be patient with it uncurling, and try not to force it flat initially: take it a step at a time.

  • The surface receiving the Wallpaper should be clean and dry, and if glossy the surface should be lightly roughened with sandpaper.

  • If the wall is new wood or board, previously untreated, then it is advisable to paint it with a coat of the paste you are using before allowing it to dry completely – this is to seal the wall, which would otherwise immediately absorb the paste from the Wallpaper, and the paper would then fall off!

  • The ceiling should be painted or papered in advance, and it is preferable to remove windows and door fittings. Dado and skirting should ideally be fitted retrospectively also.

  • You may find it useful to prepare a template using scrap paper prior to cutting the Wallpaper.

  • Use either sharp scissors or a very sharp craft knife with a new blade and a steel rule to cut the paper, and avoid 'dragging' the fibres of the paper. Exert a slightly lighter touch if this happens.

  • Wallpaper can be fixed to walls using a water-based wallpaper paste – which should be extremely thick – or alternatively a wheat-based paste (of the type used by bookbinders and archivists) is suitable, as is ‘YES’ glue. The paste can be applied to the reverse of the paper. Take care to ensure that the paper doesn't ‘curl in’ on itself. Paste can also be applied directly to the wall. Ensure that the spread of the paste is even and without lumps, and is ‘tacky’ rather than ‘wet’. Apply the paper and press carefully into position using a lint-free cloth or small roller or brush. 

  • Be careful to ensure that no paste is transferred to the front of the paper as this may cause damage.

  • Be patient, and be 100% certain that your first piece has definitely stuck before moving onto the second wall.

  • It is recommend that you use a small scrap of the Wallpaper and your proposed adhesive in a ‘trial run’ before you commence the main fixing.

  • Please note that the Wallpaper should not be varnished or glazed.