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Miniaturist creating historically authentic miniatures for 18th century, Georgian, Regency and Colonial dolls house settings in 1/12th (one inch) scale. Beautiful silks and hand-printed wallpapers for 18th-century dollshouses, doll houses, baby houses. @homewithmrshgth

Arcading – Brass Trim

Brass Trims Etc.

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Arcading – Brass Trim

Arcading Brass Trim.jpg
Arcading Brass Trim Long.jpg
Arcading Scale.jpg
Arcading Brass Trim.jpg
Arcading Brass Trim Long.jpg
Arcading Scale.jpg

Arcading – Brass Trim


Dimensions: 300mm(l) by 3mm(h)

A classic decorative trim which suits many purposes.

Completely reversible.

Miniature Brass Trim © Cristina Noriega

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  • Quantity : The listing is for 1 strip of Brass Trim.

  • Dimensions : The strip measures 300mm(l) [or 11 & 6/8ths inches] by 3mm(h). One of the photographs includes shows the strip with a metal rule, and whilst other photographs show it with other decorative elements you are advised to carefully measure in relation to your own miniature setting.

  • Scale : This miniature is in 1/12th or one inch scale.

  • Colour Variation : The photographs were captured in natural daylight. However there may be slight variations between the photographs and the trim that are beyond our control due to the representation of colours on your screen or monitor.

  • Provenance : The Brass Trim was produced by Cristina Noriega, a highly skilled miniaturist working in Spain.

  • Packaging : The trim will be carefully wrapped and reinforced with foam board before being despatched in a waterproof mailing envelope (unless it is being sent with Wallpaper in which case it will be sent in a cardboard tube).

  • Additional Notes : Please note that no other items featured in the photography are provided – these are featured purely to provide context and inspiration. We would ask that you read our ‘Terms & Conditions of Sale’ and ‘Shipping’ and ‘Returns’ policies carefully before placing your order.

  • Method of Application for Brass Trims :

  • Where brass trims need to be cut, a small hacksaw or jeweller's saw can be used, but the trims are thin enough to be cut using a sharp craft knife. Repeatedly 'score' the surface until the trim snaps into two at the desired point.

  • Use tiny quantities of gem or jewellery adhesive or a cyanoacrylate adhesive (also commonly known as ‘Super Glue’). The 'gel' versions are best as the liquids can 'spread' leaving visible marks, particularly on fabrics.

  • Apply with a cocktail stick in minute quantities to the reverse of the strip and ensure that there is no excess before the strip is moved into position.

  • Hold with masking tape in a couple of places until the glue has set (though try to keep the masking tape on painted surfaces rather than textile covered surfaces), and allow to dry before applying the next strip.