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13 Bordeston Court, The Ham
Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 8HW
United Kingdom

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Miniaturist creating historically authentic miniatures for 18th century, Georgian, Regency and Colonial dolls house settings in 1/12th (one inch) scale. Beautiful silks and hand-printed wallpapers for 18th-century dollshouses, doll houses, baby houses. @homewithmrshgth


Roombox - A Barber's Shop and Peruke-Maker circa. 1730s London

This 1/12th (one inch) scale roombox represents a vernacular building of the early modern period which has undergone a little remodelling to better represent the fashionable tastes of the age - though this particular example is not an establishment that would have attracted a smart type of customer. 

The tools of the barbers' trade litter the table - razor, combs and brushes, shaving brush, the distinctive barbers bowl with recess for a small round soap, clay rollers, powder bellows, a leather face cover and a brush to sweep away the excess powder.

Peruke or wig makers were a speciality trade in their own right, though many barbers would have dabbled in the making of wigs and queues, and they further supplemented their income through the sale of hair powders, pomades, colognes, preparations for the treatment of lice and other such cosmetic goods - evidence of which can be seen to the right of the fireplace.

Barbers in England maintained the rights to perform surgery until 1745, with blood-letting being the most frequently performed intervention. The jointed stool beneath the window with  the stained floorboards, blood-soaked straw and blood splashes is testament to these activities - the fleam and bleeding bowl lie beneath the sink close by. The traditional red and white barber's pole is believed to represent the blood and bandages associated with their older role - a broken example sits at the top of the stairs.

The fire and four visible candles are all programmed to flicker, and further lighting is concealed behind an obscured diamond-paned window and emerging from an unseen second storey.

The roombox is artificially scented with woodsmoke and naturally scented with the fragrance of other organic materials (soap, hair powder, cloves) that are present.



We welcome commissions so these images can be used to provide inspiration for the types of features and finishes that your own bespoke project might incorporate.




Materials: Birch plywood, paper, paint, pewter, resin, MDF, oak, plaster, silk, card, leather, silver, cotton, brass, copper, willow and other unidentified wooden or metal components.

Presentation: The exterior is luxuriously covered in chocolate-brown Japanese silk.

External dimensions: 500mm (19 and 11/16ths inches) width; 350mm (13 and 12/16ths inches) height; 305mm (12 inches) depth.


Price upon application