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13 Bordeston Court, The Ham
Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 8HW
United Kingdom

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Miniaturist creating historically authentic miniatures for 18th century, Georgian, Regency and Colonial dolls house settings in 1/12th (one inch) scale. Beautiful silks and hand-printed wallpapers for 18th-century dollshouses, doll houses, baby houses. @homewithmrshgth

Brass Trims Etc.

A key element of a fashionable 18th century decorative scheme was the use of decorative borders at the edges of papered walls or fabric panels, and one of the the principal materials used was brass.

Placed above the dado rail where fabrics ‘strained’ over canvas on wooden frames, or one of the new fashionable papers met the paintwork, it was common in 18th century homes to find an additional decorative feature.

Its origins were originally disguise: the fabric panels were held in place by tacks, and these needed to be hidden somehow. Brass trim was sometimes substituted with gilt lead. Or papier mâché fillets were used, or braid – sometimes fringed or embellished with tassels – and as the century progressed, and the paper arts made decorative fashion available to a wider audience, paper borders became popular

The trim not only extended along the dado in a strip but also between fabric panels, and sometimes framed doors, windows and fireplaces.

Cristina Noriega, the highly skilled Spanish miniaturist, creates the authentic Brass Trims we sell on this website, alongside some of her Key Plates. These brass items can also be used as finishing touches on furniture. All strips have a length of 300mm or 11 & 6/8ths inches and varying heights. The Key Plates also vary in size.